February 6, 2008

Book Review - Restoring Diversity

Restoring Diversity: Strategies for Reintroduction of Endangered Plants
edited by Donald A. Falk, Constance I. Millar, and Margaret Olwell
QK 86.4 .R47 1996

This collection of essays captures both the broad and the focused perspectives of plant species restoration. The book is organized into four thematic sections. The first part provides a context for discussion of plant species reintroduction, addressing both environmental concerns and policies. The second part addresses the biology of species reintroduction. These chapters range from selection of species and reintroduction sites, monitoring projects, measuring success, and lessons learned from previous attempts. The third part focuses on plant reintroduction in special "mitigation" contexts. A variety of circumstances are considered here--rare plants, threatened ecosystems, privately-owned land, and created ecosystems. Again, lessons learned from previous projects are included. The final section contains plant reintroduction case studies. While most of these focus on individual plant species, one looks specifically at reintroduction of rare plants in a mountain ecosystem. While not prescriptive, this book realistically looks at many levels of complexity involved in species reintroduction and strives to be a practical manual by presenting lessons learned and case studies involving diverse conditions.