April 19, 2010


This playful and stimulating book is full of questions, examples, and exercises that stretch your thinking. It describes different types of thinking--for example positive or negative, left-brained or right-brained--and the kinds of ideas, conclusions, and even behavior that kind of thinking produces. The majority of the book, however, is devoted to challenging our existing ways of thinking using particular strategies, techniques, or analytical methods. Michalko argues that learning to use some of these new thinking strategies will result in increased creativity, a broader range of ideas, and new ways of solving problems. He recommends "playing" with these "toys" rather than reading this book in a traditional way from cover to cover. Many of these "toys" would also make outstanding team enrichment exercises or materials for workshops.

This book can be found at HECSA Library:

Thunkertoys: A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques
Michael Michalko
2nd ed.
HD 53 .M53 2006