April 23, 2010

How the Best Leaders Lead

Leadership consultant Tracy asserts that great leadership depends on seven fundamental responsibilities that the best leaders are able to master. First, they set goals and follow through doing what it takes to achieve them. They work to continuously improve their products, services and processes. They are effective at solving problems and act decisively. They are able to set priorities and make effective use of time, money, and human resources. They set high standards and lead by example, and they inspire and motivate others. They use measurable, repeatable methods to get results and are judged by what they are able to achieve. This practical book includes lessons from history, the military, and successful business leaders. Each chapter is packed with thought-provoking questions and exercises that stimulate the reader to think about their own leadership style and motivations.

This book can be found in HECSA Library.

How the Best Leaders Lead
Brian Tracy
HD 57.7 .T724 2010