November 9, 2009

Green Building Trends

Yudelson approaches this book by asking why European builders have long been considered "more green" than their American counterparts. After more than a decade of searching and learning, this book proposes to answer this question. Yudelson argues that it is not because there are more examples of green building in Europe than in North America, it is because European approaches have been more daring. He asserts that American builders should begin with zero environmental impact as their goal, relying on the design, construction, energy production and conservation aspects of the building all to work synergistically to offset one another. With that as the target, the resulting buildings would be designed with multi-purpose uses, be sensitive to changes that might be necessary over time, and still maintain comfort, health, and productivity of their occupants. Additional considerations may also be included in green building so that urban planning, culture, and lifestyles of the building inhabitants were also included in the architectural design and construction processes. This well researched and thought provoking book will change the way you think about the idea of "being green."

This book can be found in HECSA Library:

Green Building Trends: Europe
Jerry Yudelson
TH 880 .Y636 2009