April 2, 2008

Book Review - Peacekeeping and Peace Enforcement in Africa

Peacekeeping and Peace Enforcement in Africa: Methods of Conflict Prevention
Robert I. Rotberg and Others
DT 353 .P43 2000

These authors assert that civil wars are the conflicts that are most threatening to world peace. Many African nations have struggled with internal conflicts and civil wars for years, prompting peacekeeping missions by the United Nations. However, traditional peacekeeping missions--small numbers of troops, limited force, and small budgets--seem no longer able to diffuse the conflicts or establish, much less maintain peace in Africa. This book proposes new ways of considering peacekeeping efforts in Africa. Authors propose new methods for preventing and resolving conflicts and new tactics for preserving peace. These authors analyze African political and military leaders and systems, bringing to light factors that have not been considered related to peacekeeping previously. They also propose expanded roles for the United States and other western nations to play in providing alternatives to civil war in Africa.