June 6, 2011

Science and Engineering

Decision making under uncertainty. By Martin T. Schultz et al., 2010. USACE Engineer Research and Development Center: Environmental Laboratory and Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory.
TA7 .E8 no. ERDC TR-10-12

Engineering disasters: New Orleans. DVD recording, 2006. A & E Television Networks.
TA495 .E545675

Geophysics for military construction projects. By Keven Bjella et al., 2010. USACE. Engineer Research and Development Center: Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory and Geotechnical Structures Laboratory.
TA7 .E8 no. ERDC TR-10-9

Physics of the future: how science will shape human destiny and our daily lives by the year 2100. By Michio Kaku, 2011.
Q175.5 K257 2011

River confluences, tributaries, and the fluvial network. Edited by Stephen P. Rice, Andre G. Roy and Bruce L. Rhoads, 2008.
GB 562 .R58 2008

Intelligent building dictionary: terminology for smart, integrated, green building design, construction and management. Edited by Chuck Ehrlich, 2007.
TH9 .I48 2007

Invention by design: how engineers get from thought to thing. By Henry Petroski, 1996.
TA174 .P4735 1996

Loading docks. DVD video recording, 2003. History Channel: Acutality Productions.
HF5761 .L63 2003